June 23, 2022

Structure is a New Kind of Crypto and Stock Trading App






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Structure enables 24/7 crypto, tokenized stocks and ETF investing so you can execute your best trading strategies.  

Structure is a mobile-first trading app: always-open, radically transparent, and built for a DeFi future. Designed to be intuitive and fun, Structure lets more people trade more assets in more places. 

Structure lets you invest in tokenized stocks, ETFs, and crypto, from countries like El Salvador and Mexico (and many others) where investing in many capital markets has been historically excluded to only wealthy people. Tokenization is a process wherein the economic performance of a traditional asset (like a stock) is made accessible on one or more blockchains by minting a token whose price performance should track closely to the underlying asset because it is backed 1-to-1. The tokenized version of the asset should trade very close to its underlying because otherwise an arbitrage opportunity would exist. Thus stock tokenization is akin to the tokenization of US Dollars that has been the main product of stablecoin issuers (at least those who are actually backing their stablecoins in full with real dollars). Asset tokenization opens the doors to investing in capital markets for millions of new people and dozens of countries.

Structure allows you to swap directly between assets without the delay and extra cost of selling into currency first. If you have Bitcoin and you want tokenized Apple stock, you can trade them directly. Unlike other exchanges, any asset you own on Structure can be swapped with any crypto or stock we have available - there are no trading pair limitations. Make the trades you want to make.

Structure also enables fractional ownership. This means you can buy $5 of tokenized Apple stock or $3 of Bitcoin. There are no minimum trade requirements and no trading fees.¹ Further, unlike Robinhood, Public, and other traditional exchanges, Structure lets you trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week.² Why should you schedule your day around New York, Tokyo, or London? Global markets are operating 24 hours a day and so is Structure - access them at your convenience. 

Structure lets you keep all of your assets in one place. Our simple mobile app replaces the need for having multiple different apps to handle different asset classes like stocks, crypto and ETFs. You can use your time to think about your investing strategies rather than struggle with passwords, onboarding, different accounts and multiple interfaces. A single, simple, fun app that lets you focus on investing rather than the technology necessary to effectuate it.  

Structure allows you to invest in the companies and crypto projects that are changing the world. You’ve likely heard of Tesla, Apple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Microsoft. However, if you are like most of the world’s population, you did not have a simple, free means of investing in these assets. Indeed, for much of the world, only the wealthiest or most technologically literate had an opportunity to take advantage of global asset markets. Structure is designed to make investing as intuitive, fun and open as possible.   

What is Structure? It is the expression of the idea that for global markets to truly work, everyone should have an opportunity to participate and benefit. An intuitive, enjoyable way for more people to have the chance to make more money. It’s really just that simple.

¹ Structure fees for transactions and commissions are $0.00.Structure covers the blockchain fees for withdrawals. Structure does not charge any deposit fees. Any deposits may still incur blockchain network costs ("gas fees") from your wallet and/or hosting provider for initiating the deposit to our platform. Structure does not charge any separate or additional fees for depositing funds on our platform. Fees may be subject to change over time.

² Not all assets will be available to trade without restriction at any time. Assets currently available for trading will be displayed in the application.

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