May 31, 2022

Why Structure: Simplify


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Structure has risen out of the necessity to alleviate the pain we ourselves have felt as modern investors and traders trying to make it in a nauseatingly complicated marketplace. While there are many trading and investment platforms in the world, few to none are directly addressing the problems that they ostensibly exist to solve: most people are just looking for better ways of making money. Plain and simple.

While pretty much everyone recognizes the importance of doing well financially, very few people have the time, attention, and education to make that happen. Because of this, we’re building Structure to be easy to understand, and intuitive enough to make sense without any special prior knowledge.

Investing can be complex, but it does not have to be. For many people, it is the complexity of investing that stops them from entering the markets. Much the same problem existed with early personal computers a few decades ago. Today, billions of people use smartphones that are vastly more complex than personal computers were in 1990. However, those personal computers were originally quite complex to use and required a steep learning curve to master. When designers made computers easy to use, intuitive and portable, billions of people were able to harness the power of computing with little experience or training. Structure simplifies many of the confusing aspects of trading that have proven a barrier to investing like:

When are markets open? At Structure you can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You no longer have to worry about when markets around the world open and close or when they have holidays. With Structure, you trade on your schedule.

Can I buy assets from a given market? Structure is bringing assets from the global marketplace to you. You no longer have to worry about all the obstacles that must be dealt with in order to access assets from foreign jurisdictions.

Do I have the right currency? Structure allows you to trade any asset for any asset. You do not have to worry about converting Tesla stocks into Euros, or Pesos into Dollars to purchase Apple. Any asset can be traded directly with any asset.

We simplify investing by removing as many of these and other problems that commonly plague those new to financial markets.

Further, our intuitive user interface is designed to simplify every step of the trading process. We mitigate the complexity so you can focus on your investment goals. One popular trading platform looks like this:

While this might be useful for professional traders, the average user is not helped by this level of complexity and ultimately discouraged from getting started.

If you’ve ever used your phone to shop, pay for a taxi, book a flight, or get directions, you’ll feel comfortable using the Structure app. By solving problems before you encounter them and creating an intuitive trading experience, we hope to open the world of investing to anyone who is ready to explore.

Our financial system evolved to meet the needs of large institutions staffed with highly educated professionals. Consequently, our systems are often needlessly complicated. We hope to transform a legacy financial system whose complexity excludes most of the world from the investment opportunities that have enriched those with the time and expertise to take advantage of them. We see simplicity as an invitation to participation.

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