Trade crypto for stocks, and stocks for crypto. No minimums. No Trading fees¹. Access global markets. Open 24 hours a day, 8 days a week.²

All of your assets, now in one place

Get access to tokenized stocks, ETFs, and crypto all within the Structure mobile app.

Trade crypto for stocks, or stocks for crypto

Have $200 of Bitcoin and want to purchase $100 of a Tesla stock? No problem, on Structure you can swap directly between assets without the delay and extra cost of selling into currency first. Invest in the companies and crypto projects that are changing the world.

Structure markets never close

Break free from market hours. Unlike Robinhood, Public, and other traditional exchanges, Structure investors can trade tokenized stocks, ETFs, and crypto 24/7⁵. Nights, weekends, holidays, even quinceañeras. 8 days a week.

No trading pair limitations

Unlike other exchanges, any asset you own on Structure can be swapped with any crypto or stock we have available. Swap $1 or more of Bitcoin for your favorite new alt coin. Trade $1 or more of your Tesla stock for another stock or crypto coin.

All assets are now money

Send payments in the asset of your choice. On Structure, all assets work like money. Received USDT but really wanted TSLA? Just accept in the asset of your choice and we'll handle the rest

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    Create an account

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    Deposit crypto

    Deposit crypto to your Structure wallet.

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    Start trading

    You're ready to start trading tokenized stocks, ETF's and crypto.


The Structure Community is live

Chat and make friends with investors from around the world. Interact with the Structure Team. Pets welcome.

The best offense is a good defense

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    Stock tokens are backed 1-to-1

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    All crypto assets protected by secure multi-party computation

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    Backed by the investors of Coinbase and Solana


Connecting the world of assets

Structure was created to give people around the world access to the same investment assets. We're on a mission to empower investors of all types through secure and easy-to-use financial tools. Interested in helping us build the future of finance? Checkout our careers page to get started.

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Trade tokenized stocks, ETFs, and crypto. No minimums. No Trading fees¹. Access global markets. Open 24 hours a day, 8 days a week.²

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  • Not all assets will be available to trade without restriction at any time. Assets currently available for trading will be displayed in the application.
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  • For additional details, please review our Terms of Service.
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  • Structure has partnered with custody providers who utilize secure multi-party computation and other security measures to protect your assets and information. No system is ever completely secure and Structure is not responsible for any losses incurred due to issues at our custody provider.

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